A leaked case for the iPad mini 2 has revealed Apple will change little in the updated model, though the possibility of a Retina display remains.

iPad vs iPad 5 vs iPad mini 2 vs iPad mini
A screengrab from the YouTube video claiming to show (in order l-r) the current generation iPad, the leaked iPad 5 with the leaked iPad mini 2 on top and the original iPad mini.

If accurate, the leaked iPad mini 2 case shows that Apple is planning on changing little in the way of design for the next generation of its 7.9in tablet, as the new model lines up exactly with the 2012 model.

The video showing the iPad mini 2 follows on from a video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week showing off a leaked iPad 5. Both videos were posted by Unbox Therapy, a YouTube-based channel specialising in product-based video previews and reviews.

The main complaint from iPad mini owners was that the screen resolution was lower than that of the full-sized iPad and of a number of cheaper Android tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7.

The leaked iPad mini 2 case however gives no indication as to Apple plans for introducing a Retina display on the updated version, which is expected to launch towards the end of the year along with the fifth generation iPad and possibly updated MacBook Pros.


The only indication that Apple may not introduce a higher resolution display in the second generation iPad mini is the fact that the leaked case is the same thickness as the original. When Apple introduced the Retina display to the full-sized iPad, in the third generation, it had to increase the thickness to accommodate the new screen technology.

If the Apple engineers have managed to squeeze a Retina display into the chassis the same size as the original, it would be a pretty amazing feat.

One of the most interesting aspects of the video is showing the purported iPad 5 side-by-side with the iPad mini 2. It clearly shows that Apple has redesigned the larger iPad based on the design of the original iPad mini, making it narrower and slimmer.

Apple is holding an event at its Cupertino headquarters next week, 10 September, where is it widely expected to launch two new models of its iPhone - the flagship iPhone 5S and the plastic-clad iPhone 5C.

It will also unveil the final version of iOS 7 which will run on the new iPhones, as well of course on any new iPad models launched this year.