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With September approaching, rumors about the iPhone 16 intensify. Leaks suggest major design changes, including record-thin bezels and larger displays for Pro models. Reuters

Leaked reports, primarily from Chinese sources, suggest Apple's forthcoming iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will boast record-breaking bezels, the thinnest ever seen on a smartphone.

Well-known leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) has backed these rumours, lending weight to the new information.

Reports making the rounds online suggest the iPhone 16 Pro will sport bezels measuring a mere 1.2 millimetres, with the iPhone 16 Pro Max pushing boundaries even further at 1.15 millimetres. Though the difference seems slight, it's expected to be apparent when comparing the phones directly.

This bezel reduction aligns with Apple's continuous pursuit of a sleeker design and improved user experience for their premium devices. It is safe to say the Cupertino-based tech giant is prioritising a minimalist aesthetic.

Apple's recently unveiled iPad Pro exemplifies this focus on minimalism, boasting the company's thinnest design ever, even surpassing the iPod Nano. It hints at the company's continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile device design.

iPhone 16 leaks
Leaks suggest major design changes, including record-thin bezels and larger displays for Pro models. Twitter / ICE UNIVERSE @UniverseIce

The leak focuses on iPhone bezels, but it suggests a broader trend towards Apple shrinking the overall footprint of its devices. The benefits of these advancements extend beyond aesthetics. Thinner bezels can significantly enhance the user's immersion by creating a near-edge-to-edge display.

By minimising the bezels, Apple can deliver a more expansive viewing area without bloating the device's footprint. This aligns with a leak from last month suggesting larger displays for the Pro and Pro Max models.

Record-Breaking Bezels: iPhone 16 to Push Boundaries

In a subsequent post, Ice Universe reiterated the rumours of slimmer bezels. "My friend confirmed that iPhone 16 Pro will reduce bezel, surpassing Galaxy S24 to become the world's narrowest bezel mobile phone, which seems to be very close to the dream form," the reliable tipster wrote.

Ice Universe suggested Apple is poised to dethrone Samsung for the title of thinnest bezels with the iPhone 16 Pro, and it's likely the Pro Max will follow suit. We'll have to wait and see for sure.

This aligns with an earlier report suggesting Apple might utilise Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology for the slimmer bezels. However, previous rumours indicated challenges with BRS impacting production yield.

According to 9to5Mac, the reported yield issues stemmed from difficulties BRS posed during the iPhone's construction process. "Wiring and circuitry near the edge of the panel have to be bent downwards to achieve this. This has reportedly caused some manufacturing challenges during the production ramp."

Further bezel reduction presents a challenge. While Apple is likely eager to claim the "world's narrowest bezel" title from Samsung, maintaining functionality for holding the phone without accidental touches is paramount.

Even a minor reduction in bezel size could be beneficial. Thinner bezels could improve in-hand feel if the rumours hold true about larger displays for the Pro models (6.3" and 6.7" for Pro and Pro Max, respectively).

Only some people prioritise minimal bezels. One user bluntly told Ice Universe, "I'll never understand this need. Never." The leaker countered, "You don't care about bezel, but if I give you a design of Galaxy A54, you will definitely dislike it for the first time."

With September looming, speculation surrounding the iPhone 16 lineup intensifies. Leaks continue to churn, offering a glimpse into the potential successors of the iPhone 15. Notably, the iPhone 16 series has recently been the centre of much rumour. It's important to remember that these are still leaks and a healthy dose of scepticism is always recommended.