A recent trend seems to be the idea of cosmetically-enhanced smartphones. These devices look to be stealing the spotlight away from traditional designs, even as mods like camera's LED flash doubling up as a torch make waves among geeks and luxury users.

The need for these flashy little gadget enhancements is escalating, particularly with the advent of sophisticated mods for strobe lighting, the ability to flash in Morse code and similar multi-feature enhancement tools. Some users feel this is a style statement... some others look at it as a status symbol, meant to highlight their Apple-ness.

However, strangely, the only Apple product to ship with a default LED glow behind the company logo (the epitome of cool) is the MacBook. The other products require mod upgrades to enable this feature to come to light. One can understand Apple's reluctance to spend on a feature that offers no productive value... but it does look very cool and adds a touch of class to the product.

According to RedmondPie, British company iPatch - an iDevice sales and repair outfit - unleashed one such mod in September last year, although its $160 (£100) price tag did put-off some prospective buyers.

Now, the iPatch modders' group has spilt the milk on how transparent ear buds can be used to make glow-in-the-dark headphones radiate that exotic look, which just screams individuality in a crowd.

Watch Video Demonstrating iPatch Mods at Work:

Maybe, after watching all those flashy and eye-catching gadget mods, it seems even the $160 price tag cannot resist us from craving for an upgrade.