iPhone X users worried about potential burn-in from the device's new OLED screen can rest assured it will take a very long time to cause permanent damage.

According to Cetizen, a South Korean website and marketplace that tests components, it will take an iPhone X 17 hours straight on the same image to cause any damage to the display. Even then, the burn-in is not considered serious. It took around 62 hours for screen burn-in to become seriously noticeable on the iPhone X.

The site also ran tests on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy Note 8. After 510 hours, the Galaxy Note 8 had the most significant burn-in by a fair margin. The iPhone X performed the best out of the three.

OLED displays, while more vivid and colourful, do run the risk of screen burn-in. This is one of the main reasons Apple has been so hesitant to include the technology.

It eventually swallowed its pride and purchased the panels from main smartphone rival Samsung because of the company's high-output capability.

To see the difference in burn-in progression, click here. Be warned that the site is in Korean, but you should still be able to make out the phone models.

Fixing burn-in would require a trip to the Apple store, but luckily the problem is covered by Apple Care and would not leave anyone out of pocket.