The iPhone 5s endurance capabilities are revealed in a demo video and the result is shown at the end of each test. According to the video recorded by Tech Assassin, the iPhone 5s clears a few tests while failing in others.

Apple's new flagship phone, iPhone 5s, brings an assortment of power-packed features such as A7 dual core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz, new Touch ID based fingerprint sensor and an anodised unibody aluminium body. The shiny new iPhone 5s was put through several physical endurance tests by RatedRR such as a series of drop tests with dirt, concrete and water, and 50 calibre bullet test.

Drop Test with Dirt

The iPhone 5s screen fails the dirt test as its screen reportedly cracks at the top when dropped from a certain height to the ground covered with mud.

Drop Test with Concrete

Unlike in the dirt test, the iPhone 5s holds its own and endures the drop test on hard concrete on two attempts by a man standing on the ground. The phone is found to be fully functional after the drop test.

Drop Test with Water

The iPhone 5s is now dropped into a bowl of water and taken out after a few seconds. Then the phone is sun-dried for fifteen minutes to remove any moisture that could affect the internal components of the phone. The phone is found to be fully operational (including the fingerprint sensor) after the drop test.

Endurance Test with 50 Calibre Bullets

This test depicts the iPhone 5s being shot in a standing position. The 50 calibre bullet pierces the metal backpanel and creates a big hole at the centre of the iPhone. On a second attempt, the phone is shot lying on its side completely ripping it open the and shattering it.

The bullet test may seem a no brainer, considering who would like to destroy an expensive iPhone. The results merely give a fair idea as to how much physical damage the phone can withstand.

Check out the demo video below (Courtesy of RatedRR):