Iran has pledged to help Nigeria fight home-grown terrorism and called on other countries to join the struggle.

Manouchelfr Sadeghi Barzhahi, the spokesman for the Iranian embassy in Nigeria, made the promise at an event to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

Barzhahi called on Nigeria's allies to unite in the fight against insecurity, especially in view of Boko Haram's terror campaign.

He also stressed the importance of more economic cooperation. "Nigeria has an open market and good economic system. Through cooperation, this will create job opportunities in the country," he said.

The Nigerian government chief whip, Mukthar Mohammed, said Nigeria needed all the help it could get to overcome the security challenges it faces.

"It is the duty of the global community to stand against it. We are calling on all friends of Nigeria to stand by us at this period," he said.