A new Syrian opposition group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of five Iranians in Syria.

The Iranian nationals disappeared after they were intercepted on their works bus en route to a power plant in Homs on December 21.

The Movement against the Shiite tide in Syria has claimed responsibility for the attack and warned Iran and Hezbollah that it will not tolerate their support of Syrian President Assad al-Bashar.

The group warns that similar kidnap operations could follow if support continues.

"We took upon ourselves the task of detecting and hitting all forms of support provided by both Iran and Hezbollah to the criminal [Syrian] regime," the statement said.

The group says its first achievement was "the detention of five Iranians as an initial warning to Iran and Hezbollah of the consequences of their o-going support of the Syrian regime to suppress the blessed Syrian revolution in all parts of the country in general, and in Homs, the heart of the revolution.

"We warn Iran and Hezbollah that their members will face the same fate as the five Iranians if they don't immediately stop providing all forms of support to the criminal regime," the group added.