Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence's closeness with Liam Hemsworth apparently inspired Miley Cyrus to win her former fiance back. The ex Disney star is hoping that the Hunger Games actor will give a second chance to their relationship.

"When Miley realized there might be something serious between Jennifer and Liam, she decided to do something to get him back," an insider told In Touch magazine, according to Hollywood Life. "[She] wanted to do everything in her power to make him realize she was right for him, not Jennifer."

During an appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, Lawrence admitted that she and Hemsworth had shared a close moment when they were not filming.

Cohen asked: "It has recently been rumored that you and Liam Hemsworth had some PDA at the Waverly Inn. Have you two ever kissed when the cameras weren't rolling?" To which Lawrence replied: "Liam and I grew up together. Liam's real hot. What would you have done? Yeah, I have."

She later joked: "I gotta call Liam!" The 25-year-old Joy actress once admitted that she was not happy about staying away from Hemsworth. She told the publication: "I think we're done with the press tour. I've got, like, one more thing to shoot for Hunger Games. We just have one scene to do for the end."

"I'm not happy about it at all. And now Liam [Hemsworth]'s doing a movie in Australia for two months. It's the longest that the three of us have ever spent apart," Lawrence added.

At a press conference in Manhattan, the Silver Linings Playbook star said that she had grown very close to Hemsworth while filming Hunger Games. She said: "Liam is the most wonderful, lovable, just family-oriented sweet, hilarious [guy]. I guess the biggest surprise is that I would never expect to ever have a man this good-looking ever be my best friend. I never knew that those things could happen."