Being a mega superstar, it was always obvious that Justin Bieber's milestone birthday was never going to be average.

So it came as no surprise when the young heartthrob, who celebrated his 18th birthday on Thursday, was given a $100,000 electric sports car by his manager Scooter during a special appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

As his manager presented Bieber with the car he explained: "You work really, really hard. I always yell at you don't get anything flashy. Be humble, be humble and I kind of broke my own rule."

The 2012 Fisker Karma boasts a 2 litre hybrid engine and can go from 0-60 in under 6 seconds. Top speed is 125mph.

It will now join the singer's fleet of cars which includes a customised Range Rover, a Batman-themed Cadillac and a Ferrari.

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