Kieran Hayler and Katie Price
Kieran Hayler (L) has opened up about his rampant sex drive Getty

Katie Price's estranged husband Kieran Hayler has revealed how his uncontrollable appetite for sex meant he would have had slept with an 80-year-old woman.

The 30-year-old former body builder married glamour pin-up Price - who used to be known as Jordan - in 2013 but soon reneged on his wedding vowels when he had sex with two of Price's friends - Jane Poutney and Chrissy Thomas.

He was diagnosed as a sex addict and after undergoing therapy appeared to be have been cured. However, he started a six-month affair with family nanny Nikki Brown, 40, reportedly engaging in sex with her five times in the marital home.

The affair was revealed by Price, but Brown denied the allegations and branded the Loose Women star a liar.

It was the final straw for Price, 39, who married twice before Hayler, and has left the couple going through a divorce. Speaking to the Sun, Hayler blamed the breakdown on his wild cravings for sex and said his lust meant he would have had sex with a pensioner.

"This wasn't a big love affair, I didn't fancy Nikki," he told the newspaper. "I'm a sex addict and needed a thrill. If our nanny had been 80 I'd probably have tried to manipulate her into having sex too.

"It didn't matter who it was, I just wanted a fix. If it wasn't her it would have been someone else. It was a means to an end, the thrill of the chase. Can you imagine how embarrassed I am about being a sex addict, mortified at admitting this?

"I refuse to have Katie wrongly branded a liar. Sadly Katie is ­telling the truth — I cheated with our nanny. I've hurt her, betrayed her and now need to stand up for her. However, bad I feel, I know I have made Katie feel worse."

Speaking on the ITV show Loose Women, Price said Hayler needed to get help.