Imagine a world where American socialite Kim Kardashian is more powerful than US President Barack Obama!

That moment has arrived... at least on Twitter.

The popular social networking Web site has confirmed that Kardashian (the star of her own reality television series "Keeping up with the Kardashians") has crossed 14 million followers, which is 5 million more than Obama.

This means the actress now has the 7th largest fan-base in Twitter. A report in the Daily Mail said the top 6 celebrities (in terms of Twitter fan followers) are Lady Gaga (20 million), Justin Bieber (18 million), Katy Perry (16 million) and Rihanna and Shakira (15 million). Meanwhile, Obama is eight, with a little over 13 million followers.

"OMG 14 million! I can't believe it! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!," tweeted a very happy Kardashian, when she realised the news. She also posted pictures of her blowing "kisses" to her fans.

Meanwhile, the reactions to the moment were rather more critical than Kardashian might perhaps like...

Damian Clarkson ‏ @MSNDamian "Kim Kardashian now has more followers on Twitter than Obama. Things like this used to sadden me. Now I just drink more."

Rick Michael ‏ @RrickMichael "Sometimes, I just look at Kim Kardashian's photo captions on Instagram and think, you're a bloody moron."

Pure Nonsense ‏ @Pure_Nonsense "people care more about what decision Kim Kardashian makes about her outfit than what the gov. decides about health care."