American television personality Kris Jenner is reportedly seeking Selena Gomez's help to convince Kylie Jenner to split with her boyfriend Tyga.

According to a report in Hollywood Life, the 59-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star believes that the 25-year-old rapper is a bad influence on her teenage daughter.

"Kris Jenner wants Selena to convince Kylie to dump Tyga. Kris told Selena that she's worried about Kylie and where her relationship with Tyga is headed. At first, Kris was OK with their relationship because she just thought it was casual, but now it seems like Kylie is in over her head with it all. Basically, it's just too serious and Tyga's got nothing to offer Kylie. He has too much drama in his life," a source told the website.

"Kris is hoping Selena will talk some sense into Kylie and help her see the truth of the situation," the insider added. "Kris told Selena that Kylie looks up to her, so she will hopefully take her advice to slow things down with Tyga and to remember that she's young and has so many options — in other words, dump Tyga!"

Meanwhile, during an appearance on KIIS FM's On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Kris revealed that Kylie is currently single.

"Kylie isn't dating anybody. This whole little group of kids who have been around forever, and I call them kids because, relatively speaking, they kind of all travel as a pack and they enjoy each other's company," she shared. "We all live in the same neighborhood. [Tyga] used to live across the street for a long time, and now he lives next door to Khloe."