Lord Justice Leveson
Lord Justice Leveson

IBTimes UK summarises the key points of Lord Justice Leveson's 2,000-page report:

  • New regulatory body will be overseen by Ofcom.
  • Ousiders involved in new regulatory body.
  • Statutory underpinning needed for new body. It is "essential" says Leveson.
  • Question remains: what happens if titles refuse to become members?
  • Leveson: "This is not statutory legislation of the press."
  • New board will not have power to stop publication.
  • Fines up to £1m could be levied.
  • Membership of the new regulatory body should be voluntary.
  • No extensive evidence of police corruption.
  • Press and politicians too close. Politicans should publish contact with reporters.
  • Jeremey Hunt in the clear. Leveson finds no credible evidence of bias in favour of BskyB by Hunt.
  • No government or industry figures on new watchdog.
  • Press has been "reckless" in prioritising sensationalist stories.
  • Press "wreaked havoc" with lives of ordinary people, such as family of murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler.