RAF Tornado aircraft yesterday attacked Libyan armoured vehicles and an anti-aircraft site during patrols to enforce UN Resolution 1973.

The Tornado's, launched from an airbase in Italy, attacked pro-Gaddafi forces in the area of Misurata, destroying three tanks, two armoured fighting vehicles and a surface-to-air missile site.

In addition to the airstrikes, the sea off Libya is being patrolled by HMS Cumberland in order to help enforce the arms embargo on the country. Before the outbreak of the crisis in Libya, HMS Cumberland was scheduled to be scrapped due to government cuts. No change to this cut has yet been announced.

HMS Cumberland was used earlier in the crisis to help evacuate British nationals caught in Libya as violence began to erupt.

Earlier this week RAF aircraft launched attacks not only on pro-Gaddafi tanks and armoured vehicles but on sites alleged to be munitions bunkers supplying pro-Gaddafi forces.