Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez will be transported from Uruguay to Liverpool via private jet.

Liverpool will send a private jet to pick up Luis Suarez from Uruguay and take him back to Merseyside with the club keen to keep the striker in top form in preparation for the side's match-up with Everton this weekend.

The Reds are currently flying in the league and look to have made the most of their lack of European football with the side only suffering two losses in the season so far.

Much of their resurgence into the top four has had to do with Suarez, who missed the first five games of the campaign but came back strong and is currently top scorer in the league alongside Daniel Sturridge and Sergio Aguero.

And as a result Liverpool are very keen to protect their most prized possession and have sent the best transport money can buy - Fenway Sports Group principal owner John W Henry's private plane - to pick Suarez up after Uruguay play Jordan in the second leg of their World Cup qualification game on Wednesday night.

The South American outfit are very likely to go through after winning the first leg 5-0 but the side have still selected Suarez for the match. He will likely miss training with his fellow Liverpool players as a result but the club's management are confident that with a comfortable ride home he will be ready to square up against Everton.

The Toffees themselves are currently on a good run, having recovered well from the loss of David Moyes as incoming manager Roberto Martinez keeps them in the fight for Champions League football. They're most recent goalless draws with Tottenham and Crystal Palace have left the supporters hungry for goals but should Suarez be on target it will more of a nightmare for Everton, who currently sit in fifth spot but could topple as low as ninth with a loss.