A 48-year-old man from Rothwell in Northamptonshire recently discovered he is allergic to electricity. For the past four years, Bruno Berrick had been suffering from debilitating fatigue, burning sensations and "popping" sensations in his head as well as dramatic weight loss. After spending almost £200,000 and travelling to several countries looking for possible answers, he finally discovered the truth.

"In 2016, I got poisoned by pesticides because I lived next to a field that they were spraying but nobody knew what it was. Basically, it stripped my immune system."

Although this seemed somewhat of a relevant cause to his mysterious illness, it was not until he met a guy named Geoff Simmonds that he found out about his rare condition, as Simmonds also suffers from the same.

He said: "I went to a seminar in Brighton about a year ago and there was a man there who had the same problem as me and he did a seminar on it."

According to the Daily Mail, the father-of-three was suffering from a condition known as Electromagnetic-hypersensitivity or Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome.

Reports say about four percent of Britons claim to suffer from this EMF sensitivity but to this day, the reality of this condition remains on the table for debate.

"You will not get better until you're totally protected - away from wi-fi internet, mobile phones, everything," Simmonds told Berrick

Simmonds gave Berrick an EMF reader to locate the source of high frequency within his property and there they found a phone mast in direct view of his bedroom window.

Berrick decided to escape with his family in a caravan to a remote part of Rutland where Berrick started to gain some weight and he was able to play with his kids again- which he couldn't do in the past four years. When the family moved back, they fixed up their home in a manner that has been made secure for Berrick.

Their bungalow is coated in special paint designed to block out 5G and radio waves and his family has also learned to keep electricity usage to an absolute minimum. Lights and heating are off in the evenings and watching TV is no longer a daily luxury.

However improved his condition had become, the trade-off is that Berrick is now a prisoner in his fully protected house.

A mobile base station mounted on the side of a hill
A mobile base station can either be mounted in one place, mounted onto a moving vehicle, or made from some black market telecoms equipment J M Briscoe, Wikimedia Commons