It is nearly impossible for a man to comprehend how women think but a Reddit user was gifted with a unique depiction of how multiple things riddled his wife's mind at the same time. The user posted an image of a drawing by his wife on Imgur, captioning it: "Asked my wife to draw me a picture of what is on her mind. This is her response."

The picture, posted by bpwwhirl, is a drawing of a woman with multiple clouds revealing thoughts of happiness, confusion, love and anger among others occurring at one particular moment. Some could connect with the image on the social media site, while others were simple bemused by the complicated thoughts.

However, there were many users who approved that women were masters when it came to multitasking.

Moreover, in the drawing, the woman — who appears to be a mother — has a cloud of thought hinting at she needs to have some spare time for herself, which she could use for "hobbies, fun and even dates". While the post appears like the woman is burdened with children, house chores and other responsibilities, it does reveal her desire to spend some moments of peace.

The image also mentions the name Stephen — probably her husband — and the drawing says "makes me happy, make him happy, is my best friend".

Below is a list of the thoughts that the wife listed in the funny drawing.

1. "Doctor Who theme song"

2. "Kids: food, lunches, clothes, healthy, toys/room/mess, behave, clean?"

3. "Waffle Poots"

4. "Wants, Bills, Needs"

6. "WORK: Co-workers, students, parents"

7. "Calendar: Forever and repeat"


9. "Projects: House keeping'

10. "Dress cute! Look pretty!"

11. "Paint pressure watch"

12. "House is dirty"

13. "Where's that one thing I can't find from two years ago?"

14. "Feel the Bern! (Don't feel dad!)"

15. "Laundry, dinner, dishes, upstairs"

16. "Lose weight, nvm [nevermind], food is awesome, nvm, it's the devil"

17. "Organise all the things"

18. "I like TV & the BBC"

19. "Girl Scouts"

20. "My kids are so evil and awesome at the same time"

21. "My boobs won't stay in my bra (they betray me)"

22. "My sister is having a babe, etc ..."

23. "I want a milkshake"

24. "That dirt under the fridge"

25. "I would kick a puppy for some peace and quiet!"

26. "So sleepy zzzzz"