David Moyes
David Moyes says he is against diving, but Gary Neville worries the Manchester United is alone in his opinion.

Gary Neville believes that David Moyes is in the minority in his opposition to diving after the Manchester United manager insisted he wouldn't tolerate such actions at his club.

Ashley Young looked to make quite an obvious dive as United faced Crystal Palace at the weekend and this is not the first time the winger has been pulled up for simulation.

Sir Alex Ferguson claimed he would have a word with the England international last season and Moyes has now said he would like for there to be retrospective action taken against players who dive, bringing the game into disrepute.

But Neville, who himself was a star at United over the course of two decades, believes that not many managers will side with Moyes over the diving issue as they all have players of their own who try and exploit the system.

"Moyes has made his bed on diving," he told Sky Sports. "He did last season as well before the Liverpool game about Luis Suarez and then Phil Neville dived for Everton about half an hour into the game.

"Moyes has always condemned diving, he absolutely hates it and feels there is no place for it in the game.

"He'll struggle to get it out, he'll be a lone crusader, or he'll not have many with him at least."

Neville pointed out that Moyes could be labelled a hypocrite if more of his own players dive in the coming weeks, outlining the risks of a manager speaking out on the issue when his side also uses it to their own advantage.

He explained: "The danger when I say lone crusader is that once you say that you hate diving - and Moyes has condemned Young for diving - the next week another one of your players dives and you have to go after him, and then the next week and so on.

"He's also not the only player for Manchester United that goes to ground by the way.

"I do think this is something in the game you're going to struggle to get out of it, because of the fact there are grey areas. It's not always black and white.

"This one though isn't a good one. I think he's deliberately tried to kick someone to get a penalty."