Following a campaign based around a desire to "drain the swamp", President-elect Donald Trump is now putting together is dream team charged with making "America Great Again".

Among his top picks are several billionaires, a Wall Street banker, anti-abortion campaigners and anti-gay advocates, as well as a number of career politicians. Setting the tone for his administration's foreign policy, Trump will soon announce his pick for Secretary of State.

While all these picks are still only nominees who must go through vetting by the Senate, they clearly reflect Trump's ambitions – if not his campaign promises. We've mapped out a guide below to who they are.

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Trump's three key advisors deal directly with the president every day in the White House and guide his thinking on policy, national security, and strategy.

Chief of Staff

The role of the head of White House staff is up to the president, but typically they manage the president's schedule and act at a gatekeeper and top aide and adviser.
Reince Priebus as Chairman of the Republican National Committee, he took flak from Trump supporters during the 2016 election campaign. He was called a "failed leader" by Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowsky who identified him as part of the Washington establishment. Preibus told Trump to "give us all a break" when he complained the Republican primaries were "rigged".
Net worth:

Chief Strategist

Creates a "brand" for the president and evaluates how decisions will appear to the public, along with their long-term impact. Often holds the president to messages and promises they put out during the campaign.
Stephen Bannon headed the right-wing website Breitbart, which became strongly associated with the so-called 'alt-right' during the election campaign. He believes Judeo-Christian values in the west are at war with radical Islam. Bannon started his own investment-banking boutique Bannon & Co after working at Goldman Sachs, selling the company in 1998.
Net worth: $10 million (estimated)

National Security Adviser

Gives daily advice to the president on military issues and controls information the president receives on security. Sits on the National Security Council and in the White House Situation Room if a crisis strikes.
Michael Flynn was forced out of his job as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014 under President Barack Obama. Flynn claimed it was because of his views on radical Islam. He sees the West hurtling toward a larger conflict with the Middle East driven by a war with Islamist ideology.
Net worth:

In the final weeks of 2016 Trump will finish nominating the US Cabinet. After their confirmation in the Senate this group will lead the federal departments, taking charge of government policy. Trump has nominated many with strong ties to the business sector. If they are all confirmed, his will be one of the wealthiest cabinets in US history.

Secretary of State

Requires Senate confirmation
America’s top diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the president. Tasked with leading US negotiations globally and steering the work of the US foreign service and other US departments overseas.
Rex W. Tillerson is the CEO of one of the world's largest oil companies, and he has spent 40 years — his entire working life — with the company. He has forged a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin through Igor Sechin, the head of state-run oil company Rosneft, and brokered a $500 billion oil deal with both in 2012.
Net worth: $245 million — ExxonMobile stock

Secretary of Treasury

Requires Senate confirmation
The president's top economic adviser. Responsible for shaping and driving the country's economic policy, be it taxes or other US-based and global financial plans. Manages US debt.
Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, was instrumental in drawing up Trump's plan to cut taxes for the richest Americans. In an interview after being selected he said "by cutting corporate taxes, we'll create huge economic growth and we'll have huge personal income." Mnuchin bought IndyMac Bank for $1.6 billion and sold it for $3.4 billion..
Net worth: banker, film producer, owner of hedge fund Dune Capital

Secretary of Defense

Requires Senate confirmation
Leads and mobilises the US military. Provides martial advice to the president.
James Mattis commanded Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq and was appointed by President Barack Obama to head the United States Central Command in 2010. Mattis is a critic of Obama' Iran nuclear deal. He raised eyebrows in 2005 when he said "it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot" Taliban fighters.
Net worth:

Attorney General

Requires Senate confirmation
Charged with overseeing the Department of Justice and the FBI, the AG is the top lawyer and law-enforcement official in the US. Responsible for giving legal opinions to the president, cabinet members, and enforcing federal laws.
Jeff Sessions is a Senator from Alabama and used to be Attorney General for the state in the 1990s. He used his position to block gay rights groups from holding a conference at the University of Alabama. He strongly backs reducing legal immigration. In 1986 Sessions’ bid to become a federal judge was derailed after he was accused of making racist comments.
Net worth: $7.52 million - lawyer

Secretary of the interior

Requires Senate confirmation
Charged with managing and conserving federal land, be it parks or natural resources including oil, minerals, and water.
Ryan Zinke is a former military commander with a background in geology. Montana Congressman Zinke has served on the sub committees for federal lands and energy and mineral resources. Environmental groups have said he supported harmful, anti-wildlife legislation. However, in November he also carried through a bill to establish water rights on the Blackfeet Reservation in his state.
Net worth: $1.4 million — Politician

Secretary of Agriculture

Requires Senate confirmation
Looks after food safety, manages forests and handles the America's food stamp program to help poorer Americans. Helps to keep rural areas of the US strong and props up farmers and ranchers in hard times.
To be announced
Net worth:

Secretary of Commerce

Requires Senate confirmation
In charge of promoting job creation and economic growth by helping American businesses and industries at home and around the world by promoting trade, investment, and innovation.
Wilbur Ross has been called the "king of bankruptcy" because he buys up troubled factories - like steel plants, textile mills, and coal mines - and turns them around. He's done this through restructuring them, offshoring jobs and cutting medical benefits for retirees. Ross met Trump in the 1990s while representing bondholders who'd backed the mogul's failed casino.
Net worth: $2.5 billion - Investment banker who headed a Rothschild bankruptcy practice

Secretary of Labor

Requires Senate confirmation
Heads up the enforcement of labour law and advises the president on legal aspects of unions and workers rights. Administers work-benefits programs and employment opportunity programmes.
Andrew F. Puzder After taking charge of the Hardee's and Carl's Jr. burger chains in the early 2000s Andrew Puzder, 66, steered the restaurants back to profitability. In the past year he suggested many low-wage fast-food jobs could be replaced with robots. He is a strong advocate of immigration reform and opposes wage increases that would bring the minimum wage to $15.
Net worth: $4 million in salary (2012)

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Requires Senate confirmation
Drives health care policy in the US and administers Medicare and Medicaid programmes, as well as overseeing the Center for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration.
Tom Price, an orthopaedic surgeon, is House Budget Committee Congressman and fierce critic of Obama's Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). In 2011 he lead Republican efforts in the House of Representatives to pass the Protect Life Act, which bars women from health insurance plans that cover abortions under ObamaCare.
Net worth: $8.26 million - surgeon, politician

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Requires Senate confirmation
Challenges for the secretary include forming policies and advising the president on how to increase homeownership and affordable housing free of discrimination.
Ben Carson A friend of Dr. Carson recently said he was wary to take a position in Trump's administration because "he has no government experience." But following Carson’s career as a paediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Trump is backing him because of his upbringing in inner city Detroit and administration of the US-wide Carson Scholars Fund for disadvantaged kids.
Net worth: $26 million - Retired neurosurgeon. Was on the boards of Costco and Kellogg.

Secretary of Transportation

Requires Senate confirmation
Shapes policy to build the infrastructure at the foundation of America's transportation system. Advises the president on transportation issues and administers agencies including aviation and highways.
Elaine Chao was Labor Secretary under George W Bush up to 2009 and before that a fellow at the neo-conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. She is married to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and has chaired the Federal Maritime Commission. Her father, a merchant mariner, founded a shipping company called Foremost Shipping.
Net worth: $22.8 million - daughter of a shipping magnate

Secretary of Energy

Requires Senate confirmation
This department traditionally administers energy policy, tackles things like nuclear waste disposal, helps develop new energy technologies, and maintains the environment.
Rick Perry is a former Texas Governor. Perry sits on the board of Energy Transfer Partners, which is trying to build the contentious Dakota Access Pipeline being fought by Native Americans because it could contaminate their land. Donald Trump is said to have recently sold his $15,000 and $50,000 stake in the company. Both he and Perry agree that it is debatable whether climate change is happening.
Net worth: $3 million — Investments

Secretary of Education

Requires Senate confirmation
Sets education policy across the United States from early childhood education to higher learning institutions, including providing and administering student loans.
Betsy DeVos In his book "Great Again"; Trump wrote "we certainly need to cut [the Department of Education's] power and reach." DeVos is an advocate of vouchers that take money from public schools to help pay for a private education, especially at Christian schools. Her father was an automotive part manufacturing billionaire and her brother is the founder of the military mercenary outfit Blackwater.
Net worth: $5.1 billion - family wealth. Her husband is heir to the Amway fortune.

Secretary of Veteran Affairs

Requires Senate confirmation
The secretary is responsible for looking after veterans' health care as well as their benefits, and administering veterans' memorials and cemeteries.
To be announced
Net worth:

Secretary of Homeland Security

Requires Senate confirmation
After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 this relatively new position has taken charge of agencies like the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, and the Secret Service.
John Kelly is a retired General that headed the US Southern Command from 2012 to 2016 and has been a critic of Obama’s efforts to close Guantanamo Bay prison. He has said that drugs and the flow of undocumented immigrants from South America pose an existential threat to the US. He advocates investing more money in US military’s ability to fight these issues.
Net worth:

United Nation Ambassador

Requires Senate confirmation
The ambassador leads US participation in the global body and initiatives on a range of issues including things like human rights, religious freedom, security, and the promotion of democracy.
Nikki Haley In early 2016 South Carolina Governor Haley called Trump "everything a governor doesn't want in a president" as she took aim at his racially divisive rhetoric, demanding he release his tax returns. Trump said Haley's state is "embarrassed"; by her. She is an anti-abortion advocate and enacted tough immigration laws as governor. Her parents came to the US from India.
Net worth: $106,000 (salary)