Microsoft is reportedly prepping to add 3 new plugins to Bing Chat's pane on Edge. Wikimedia Commons

Microsoft has added three new plugins to Bing Chat's pane on the Edge browser. To those unaware, the American tech behemoth celebrated Bing Chat's six-month birthday last month.

The AI-powered assistant evolved in multiple ways during the aforementioned period. The Redmond-based technology giant was rolling out new updates and features to Bing Chat within this period, and it continues to do so to improve the overall user experience.

Plugin support for Bing Chat is one of the most requested features by users. During its recently concluded annual conference for developers, Build 2023, Microsoft noted that a slew of plugins were on their way to Bing Chat.

This also allowed developers to create plugins that work with Windows Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, Dynamics 365 Copilot, Bing and ChatGPT. Bing Chat's pane on the Microsoft Edge browser boasts an impressive array of plugins, including Wolfram, Zillow and more.

Now, X (F.K.A. Twitter) user Leopeva64 discovered that Microsoft quietly rolled out three new plugins to the platform, including Adobe Express, MathSolver and Spotify.

Bing Chat gets new plugin support, but there's a catch

The recent additions are major signs that Microsoft is committed to boosting Bing Chat's performance and improving the overall user experience.

Regrettably, this newfangled experience will not be available to everyone immediately since it is in A/B testing. On top of that, it is limited to a few Edge Canary users. Similarly, Bing Chat introduced DALL-E 3 to a small group of users earlier this month.

New Bing Chat plugins: What to expect?

The Spotify plugin's description label is vague and short. However, it confirms that the plugin will help users find and play content on the streaming platform within Bing Chat.

The MathSolver plugin, on the other hand, will help users solve complex math problems and equations. Lastly, the Adobe Express plugin will help users design logos and more.

Wladimir Kirianov, who is a Computer Science student at the Technical University Munich, Germany, according to his GitHub profile, took to X to confirm he had access to plugins on Bing Chat.

According to Kirianov, there's an addition of a new tab next to the "Recent activity" tab called Plugins. However, only five plugins were available at the time. This includes Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, OpenTable and Shop.

Users can access three plugins at the same time, while in a conversation. It is also worth noting that you can't change the plugins once you start engaging in a conversation until you change the topic.

Microsoft is expected to continue improving Bing Chat with frequent updates, In line with this, the company recently added third-party plugin support on Bing Chat AI.