Microsoft adds maps and direction-related updates to Bing Chat. Pixabay

Microsoft's Bing Chat is now capable of answering your maps and directions-related queries. To those unaware, Bing Chat is the chat mode of Microsoft Bing.

Microsoft has rolled out a couple of major updates for its Bing search and Bing Chat services. One of the updates is designed to help users reach their destinations more efficiently, according to a Bing Blog post.

Microsoft says a user, who inputs a request for directions, will receive optimal route suggestions. On top of that, the service will provide a visual representation of these directions using Bing's map features.

Bing Maps gets much-needed updates

In an equally significant development, Microsoft has provided smartphone users the ability to access live traffic reports via Bing Maps. The aforesaid reports will notify users about accidents, suggested routes, as well as proposed departure times.

Users can directly access this information through the Bing Maps traffic URL. Alternatively, they can download the Microsoft Start app, which is available on both Android, as well as iOS platforms. This is a major sign that the company is prepping to compete with other search engine giants including Google.

Bing Chat: What else to expect?

As part of its attempt to outperform Google, Bing Search is currently testing a new feature. Bing is reportedly testing the ability to hide the site's URL in the search result snippets. Apparently, Google has been testing this feature on and off for a while now.

This piece of information was shared by X (F.K.A. Twitter) user Shameem Adhikarath, who shared a screenshot that shows search results with the URLs, next to search results where the URLs have been hidden.

"Noticed Bing is experimenting with results without displaying URLs between the title and description," he wrote. There is a possibility that the feature will roll out to select users in the coming days. While that's not set in stone yet, Microsoft recently added support for Bing Chat on desktops for all Google Chrome users.

Microsoft has clearly been sparing no effort in a bid to improve Bing Chat lately. In line with this, the American technology giant recently added Bing Chat AI tools to Google Chrome. Also, the company is reportedly prepping to bring Bing Chat AI to the Microsoft Launcher for Android.

The Redmond-based tech behemoth is also testing compatibility with Apple's Safari browser and mobile versions of Google Chrome browser. Moreover, you can now access Bing Chat Enterprise via Microsoft's Edge mobile site. Microsoft could announce more updates related to Bing Chat at its special press event in New York City on September 21.