Microsoft Edge browser gets a Copy Video Frame feature. Wikimedia Commons

Microsoft has introduced a copy video frame feature in the latest Edge 116 Stable update. The American tech behemoth recently announced a few new features, including support for Edge for Business.

Aside from this, the company presented a way for users to attach the Edge sidebar to the Windows desktop. According to official release notes, Microsoft Edge 116 added a new feature dubbed Edge sidebar for Windows 10 users. The recently introduced tool adds Edge as a sidebar to Windows, similar to how Windows Copilot works in Windows 11.

The sticky Edge sidebar enables you to interact with mini tools, Bing Chat, and more. As if that wasn't enough, Microsoft has added another pretty useful new feature in Edge that wasn't mentioned in the official release notes.

Microsoft Edge gets another pretty useful feature

As spotted by Reddit user MrElectrifyer, the newly added features comprise a "Copy Video Frame" option. After spotting the menu option last week, Neowin's Taras Buria shared a screenshot on X (formerly Twitter).

Apparently, the Redmond-based technology firm had previously added the copy video frame feature to the Canary version of Edge. Now, the feature is available to everyone in Microsoft Edge 116 (stable).

Microsoft's newly added copy video frame is an easy-to-start feature. The company told the folks at Windows Latest that the feature copies the frame to the clipboard, just like taking a screenshot. The most notable differences between copying video frames and taking screenshots are resolution and quality.

Unsurprisingly, the copy video frame feature delivers a better result compared to taking screenshots of the browser or screen itself, but this doesn't come as a surprise. Apparently, a device's display and settings determine the image's resolution when you take a screenshot of a YouTube video.

On the other hand, you can now capture and save still images from the flow of frames by copying a frame to the clipboard using Microsoft Edge's copy video frame feature.

How to take YouTube screenshots with Microsoft Edge

Here's how you can capture YouTube screenshot:

  • Open Edge 116 or newer and go to any YouTube video.
  • Double right-click on the video. This can be done while the video is playing or paused.
  • Select Copy video frame.
  • Now, simply paste the copied frame into a photo editing software of your choice

While the feature is currently available to everyone using Edge 116, Microsoft hasn't officially announced it yet.

The company is also gearing up to add a feature that will allow Edge to help users rewrite text through Bing AI. Likewise, Microsoft equipped Edge with AI-powered Microsoft Shopping tools back in June.