Microsoft Edge on iOS is testing “Circle to Copilot”, a feature similar to Google’s Circle to Search. Wikimedia Commons

Microsoft Edge for iOS is reportedly developing new features, including "Circle to Copilot" and "Chat with image using Copilot." Moreover, a recent server-side update for Microsoft Edge on iOS has enabled the "Notebook" feature within Copilot.

This update also expands the character limit for notes to 18,000 characters. The next major update will also bring deeper integration of Copilot functionalities within the browser. It is worth noting that the Circle to Copilot feature has been floating around the rumour mill for a while now.

In February, reports surfaced about a new "Circle to Copilot" feature being tested in Microsoft Edge Canary. This channel allows Microsoft to gather feedback from a limited group of users on upcoming features.

Now, it seems "Circle to Copilot" is also being developed for the mobile version of Edge. Windows Latest's Mayank Parmar suggests that the "Circle to Copilot" feature is currently unavailable on the Android version of Microsoft Edge. However, iPhone and iPad users can reportedly access a preliminary version of this feature.

What is Circle to Copilot, And Does It Work On iOS?

Microsoft is developing its Edge browser's Circle to Copilot feature across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This feature is designed to streamline searches by leveraging AI capabilities, and it draws inspiration from Samsung's heavily promoted Circle to Search feature.

Circle to Copilot simplifies searches with an intuitive gesture. By circling any text or image with the mouse, users can initiate an AI-powered search through Copilot. The content you select will automatically be transferred to Copilot's chat window, allowing you to ask follow-up questions and get instant responses about the chosen object.

Parmar reportedly gained access to an early version of Circle to Copilot within the stable version of Microsoft Edge for iOS. To activate the feature, hold the Copilot button in the toolbar. However, it's important to note that this gesture only works after enabling a hidden experimental flag within the app.

Activate the Experimental Flag for Circle to Copilot in Edge for iOS

Open the Edge Flags Menu: Within the Microsoft Edge app on your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the address bar and type in edge://flags. This will open a hidden menu containing experimental features.

Search for the Flag: In the search bar at the top of the flags menu, type in "Circle to Copilot."

Enable the Flag: Locate the flag labelled "Circle to Copilot" and tap the dropdown menu next to it. Choose "Enabled" from the available options.

Relaunch the Browser: To activate the changes, you must relaunch the Edge app. Close and reopen Microsoft Edge for iOS.

It is worth noting that enabling experimental flags exposes you to features under development. These features can be unstable or incomplete, and they could impact the app's overall functionality.

According to Parmar, the functionality of the early version of Circle to Copilot appears similar to Google's "Circle to Search, but it leverages Microsoft's Copilot assistant for AI-powered interactions. Since this feature is still under development, users will likely encounter some limitations.

In addition to Circle to Copilot, reports suggest another upcoming feature for Copilot within Microsoft Edge for iOS: Chat with image. While details about the feature are still scarce, it could be connected to image-based interactions with Copilot.

Sources close to Microsoft's development process hint at the potential for Circle to Copilot to encompass a broader search functionality. This could include searching directly for text, images, and content on the user's screen.