Microsoft Edge browser will soon let you rewrite text using Bing AI. Wikimedia Commons

The Microsoft Edge browser will soon let you rewrite text using Bing AI. To recap, the American technology company updated the SwiftKey keyboard app on iOS and Android with a new feature a few months ago.

The aforesaid feature allows users to rewrite text in a myriad of styles using Bing AI. Now, the company is prepping to bring a similar capability to Microsoft Edge for desktops. Twitter user Leopeva64 recently spotted a new option to rewrite text with Bing AI in Edge.

Apparently, one of the latest Microsoft Edge Canary updates added a rewrite with Bing feature. You can now select a portion of text in an input field and press the Alt + I keys to rewrite it. The browser will show a popup window with AI-generated text and buttons to either replace the text, adjust the result, or try again with a refreshed variant.

Microsoft Edge continues to get better

The rewrite feature in the Edge browser is similar to the SwiftKey on Android and iOS. It lets you adjust a slew of options to make the result fit your needs and taste. Moreover, you can choose between four tones including professional, casual, enthusiastic, and informal.

As if that weren't enough, you can change the format (paragraph, email, blog post, and ideas). According to a Neowin report, the rewrite feature also comes in handy for picking various lengths such as short, medium, and long.

Once you have made these adjustments, simply click the Rewrite button to apply your settings and Bing AI will regenerate the response. The folks at Winaero suggest Microsoft is currently testing the new feature among a small group of US-based Insiders.

However, regular users aren't likely to have it yet since the Redmond firm hasn't officially announced the feature yet. Nevertheless, the purported AI-powered rewrite text feature in Edge will help authors and bloggers who rely on AI tools like ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

The new feature will help them save time since they won't have to open a new tab and copy the text or type a query to the bot. Aside from this, the new feature can be useful for users with issues with foreign languages because the rewritten text will have correct grammar.

Also, the word on the street is that Microsoft is prepping to shut down Cortana in Windows 11 soon. Reportedly, the company is planning to replace its virtual assistant with an AI-backed tool. Notably, the technology company is also rolling out Bing AI for Google Chrome, but with some limitations.

In the meantime, Microsoft is not ignoring its Edge browser. In fact, Microsoft Edge is currently teeming with all sorts of features that make your browsing experience better. For instance, Edge uses the Startup Boost feature to launch instantly and provides better fonts on Windows with the help of its improved text rendering capabilities.

Edge wants to take screenshots of web pages you visit

Similarly, an upcoming update will enable Edge to take screenshots of each page you visit. Microsoft Edge 117, which is currently in the testing phase in the Canary and Dev channels, has a toggle called "screenshots of the site for History." Microsoft says that it wants to take screenshots of everything you view online.

"We'll take screenshots of the sites you visit and save it so that you can quickly revisit the site you want from history." the toggle's description states. Once you turn on the feature, you can revisit any page from your browsing history without requiring an internet connection.

In other words, users will get a built-in Pocket-like service for offline reading. Moreover, users can hover a cursor over a webpage in history to see its thumbnail. As a result, you do not need to download third-party extensions or apps to read pages offline.

The toggle is off by default and you can enable or disable the "Save screenshots of site for History" feature by going to Settings > Privacy and Services.