Microsoft has shown off the retail packaging and final design of the Xbox One including a previously unreported bundled headset.

Microsoft is still a couple of months away from launching the Xbox One but today it has revealed just what eager gamers will be receiving when the next-gen console launches in November.

The voice of Microsoft, Major Nelson (aka Larry Hryb) presents a video unboxing (below) of the Xbox One which will go head-to-head with the PlayStation 4 later this year as Microsoft and Sony both look to grab the attention of not just gamers but the whole family with entertainment-focused devices.

As was previously revealed, all Xbox Ones will come with the second-generation Kinect sensor as standard, a move intended to entice developers to integrate the motion sensor more heavily into their games. The original Kinect was not used widely as developers didn't know if everyone buying their game would have a Kinect sensor.

The only real surprise in the unboxing was the inclusion of an Xbox One Chat headset which is included in both the limited-edition Day One edition (sold as you might think to those buying the console on the first day it launches) and all other editions.


The mono headset, which includes in-line controls, will be used to interact with other player in online multi-player mode.

Otherwise the box contains one Xbox One controller, a HDMI cable capable of transmitting 4K and 3D video - but as Tom Warren at The Verge points out, these cables are available online for as little as $5.

Microsoft has made a number of missteps in recent months in relation to its new console, initially announcing it was going to impose strict DRM restrictions on new games - before backing down in the face of customer anger.

Both Sony and Microsoft have yet to announce the exact release dates for their respective consoles but both are expected to launch in November - in the US at least - and are due to come to the UK before the end of the year.


Microsoft is pitching the Xbox One as an entertainment hub for your living room which all the family can use and it will allow you to stream your TV service through the console, letting you use the motion sensor and voice control to control your viewing.

Microsoft is already facing an uphill battle as its console is £80 more expensive at £429 than Sony's PlayStation 4 which goes on sale for £349.