Microsoft Scrambles for Relevance
Microsoft Corp. will host a conference for developers this week where Windows 8 and other new products will be unveiled. But there are things we'd love to see at the event but won't. Reuters

Microsoft has been taken to court for allegedly tracking the location of its mobile customers, even after users have turned off the device's tracking software.

First reported by Reuters, the new lawsuit was filed in a Seattle federal court Wednesday. The suit claims that Microsoft intentionally created software on its Windows 7 operating system designed to ignore users requests to not be tracked.

The lawsuit follows a similar case made against Apple earlier in 2011. The case was mounted after concerns arose suggesting that Apple's popular iPhone series of smartphones collected and stored user's locations for up to a year, even after the owner had turned the tracking software off.

The recent suit against Windows 7 alleges that despite previous claims of innocence, Microsoft devices still transmit user's location data without their consent. Specifically the suit claims that Microsoft is illegally collecting the latitude and longitude coordinates of devices running the OS's camera application.

The suit seeks an injunction against devices running the software, punitive damages and a number of as yet undisclosed "remedies."

The case is set to be heard by the U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington.