WhatsApp Web for iPhone and iPad launched
WhatsApp Web coming soon to Microsoft's new Edge web browser WhatsApp

Technology giant Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public on 29 July and reports claim that WhatsApp Web would soon be accessible on its new web browser called Edge.

Currently, WhatsApp Web is not compatible with Microsoft's Edge browser, though it can be accessed on Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome, which are all compatible on Windows.

Softpedia has quoted Microsoft's Program Manager Greg Witworth (on Twitter), as stating that the Redmond-based company is working with instant message services company to enable WhatsApp Web support to Edge users.

The report states that WhatsApp Web for Edge may be made available as an OS update; however there is no specific timeline provided for the launch of the service.

Moreover, Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) does not support WhatsApp Web, hence those on Windows need to use other browsers to access WhatsApp on their desktops.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp Web has been updated to feature aspects on par with the smartphone version of the popular messaging service.

Users will notice a new "edit" icon adjacent to "current status", which allows them to make changes their status and share it with friends.

Users can also hover over their current profile image and an option is displayed that can be used for editing the image.