Amid the ongoing coronavirus threat, medical workers and facilities have voiced a common issue. Due to the exponential rise of infected patients, the demand for manpower, supplies, and equipment have likewise gone up. Hence, every doctor, nurse, or emergency responder that are lost to the disease or taken out of action will greatly affect the efforts to control the pandemic. Now a French startup called Mirakl has taken it upon themselves to make it easier for healthcare providers to place orders online and receive the products in a timely manner.

As indicated by a report from the Independent, the company is being supported by the French government. Thus, its online retail outlet is being described as the "Amazon for coronavirus supplies" as it continues to supply the sectors that need crucial items.

So far, records published show that it already distributed 320,000 gloves, face masks, and other protective gear. Furthermore, another 300,000 litres of hand sanitisers have been delivered to facilities that needed them.

Since launched, we’ve onboarded 50 sellers & welcomed 300 clients into the #marketplace. We’re proud to be able to do what we can with our resources to support the efforts to contain the #covid19 pandemic. Learn more #stopcovid19:

— Mirakl Marketplace (@Mirakl) March 31, 2020

Given the backing of government officials, Mirakl has the documentation that can expedite the acquisition of supplies directly from manufacturers. This allows their couriers to ship out essential cargo in a shorter timeframe as well. Those who processed their transaction via the online platform can expect to receive their orders possibly within 24 hours after the request was submitted.

In an interview with startup's co-CEO Adrien Nussenbaum, several key points were discussed. "We are offering this service for free to every government," he confirmed. "Our people are working diligently to reach out and make them aware of this project. The need is global. We have been in talks with the NHS and hope to be able to help the UK in the same way we've been able to help France," he added.

As it stands right now, reports show close to 57,000 COVID-19 cases in France with over 4,000 deaths already. Medical experts who are working directly with SARS-COV-2 patients understand that immediate supportive care for those showing the worst symptoms can mean life or death. As such, the shortage of medical-grade ventilators is becoming a critical issue among healthcare institutions.

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Medical staff wearing protective clothing take test samples for the COVID-19 coronavirus from a foreign passenger at a virus testing booth outside Incheon international airport near Seoul. Photo: AFP / Jung Yeon-je

Mirakl shows how an online retailer can streamline the process with the help of the government. Meanwhile, in the United States, private factories are being converted into manufacturing facilities for products needed to treat COVID-19. "The need is urgent. To any manufacturers or suppliers out there, please get in touch if you think you can help. To those who need help, we have a solid platform in place that's ready to be used," stated Nussenbaum.