A Facebook post titled "personal opinion" put the 2019-2020 Miss Swimsuit United Kingdom Winner, Jasmine Archer-Jones, in hot water. In the post, she ranted against the actions of the Black Lives Matter protesters. She condemned their actions and questioned their motives. She also proclaimed that "All Lives Matter." The rant continued to question the innocence of the deceased George Floyd; whose death sparked global outcry. The pageant, however, did not support Archer-Jones' "personal opinion." She was dethroned following the post.

On June 3, Archer-Jones posted a long rant on Facebook voicing her opinion on the riots in the United States over the death of Floyd. Starting the piece with a disclaimer, she wrote that those who do not want her opinion can avoid reading the post. What followed was a long dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement gripping the world.

Archer-Jones wrote that more white people died last year than black people. She said that the death of black people in the US was more due to black on black crimes. According to the post, all races face police brutality but they do not use it as a reason "to protest, loot, take over social media, create a day for their race or even raise $10.3 million (£8.22m) in aid of the person who passed." Archer-Jones wrote that the protesters were causing suffering to "innocent businesses."

Even though Archer-Jones deleted the Facebook rant, The Sun shared a partial image of the post. In it, she continued to question Floyd's innocence by pointing out that he had a criminal record. She supported the actions of the police by saying that Floyd had refused to leave his vehicle when asked. She also believes that Floyd's death was caused by the drugs found in his system.

The 23-year-old Miss Swimsuit UK winner for 2019-2020 came in 13th at the Miss Swimsuit USA. Since she won in the UK, she had been listed as the reigning winner. Right after Archer-Jones wrote her piece on Facebook, the pageant wrote a post in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Archer-Jones' photographs and her name on the previous winners' page was removed. The winner of 2018, Coral Elizabeth Patrick, has been listed as the last winner of the pageant.

Black Lives Matter
People hold up a banner during a Black Lives Matter protest outside City Hall in Manhattan, New York on 1 August, 2016 Andrew Kelly/ Reuters