Can you imagine going on your first date naked? Instagram model Joy Jewell teamed up with body painter Jen Seidel for a social experiment, wherein she wore just body paint for her Tinder date.

Seidel spent two hours applying body paint to Jewell's body until it was almost impossible to tell she wasn't wearing any clothes. The artist added a floral design to a purple tank top and paired it with ripped blue jeans for a realistic finish.

Jewell explains in a video, "The guy I picked is a comedian and he's really really really funny, so I'm looking forward to meeting him and seeing his reaction."

''I don't know if he's even going to notice because this is, like, awesome and I'm kinda hoping I get to know him a little bit today and some good conversation if he's not completely distracted by the situation going on right here," she adds.

The scene changes to Jewell waiting for her date, wearing a large coat and cardigan over her body painted outfit. After her date arrives, he gives her a hug, and confusedly asks, "What are you wearing? You look great."

She drops a hint. "I don't want to eat anything 'cos I don't want to get fat. I'm afraid it's gonna show through my clothes."

Eventually, the pair decide on a coffee, which is when Jewell's love interest couldn't help commenting on her look. He says, "I like your outfit. I thought you was naked for a couple of seconds! I don't have sex on the first date by the way. You look great girl, you're killing it."

Jewell shuts him up by saying that is "so crazy". Then she says, "Yeah, well, I don't come to the mall naked on a first date, so let's get that straight."

After a rather long hit and miss, Jewell's date finally realises she is wearing body paint when they go outside in the rain and her "outfit" starts to wash off. He asks, "Is that paint on you?" to which she replies, "Maybe."

The video has been received well by social media users with many finding it funny. One user wrote, "This is really funny," another commented, "It would be a real crack up especially if he said your outfit was cute."

"This is why I want to be a body painter it's just amazing," commented an Instagram user.