Asiana Airlines
An Asian Airlines 747 (file photo). Reuters

A model who suffered horrific injuries to her "private parts" during a flight has been handed a payout of almost £90,000 by a South Korean airline.

The woman, who was only identified by her surname Chang, was travelling in business class on an Asiana Airlines flight from Incheon in South Korea to Paris when a flight attendant accidentally spilt instant noodle soup on her.

According to The Straits Times, the incident, which unfolded in March 2014, caused second and third-degree burns to the woman "private parts", thigh and abdomen. Almost four years on since the incident, the model has reportedly not yet recovered from her injuries.

"Even after years of skin transplant surgery, I cannot fully recover," she was quoted as saying by

"The burn to the core is also affecting my relationship with my husband. I was also told that it can cause danger if I get pregnant."

Chang filed a lawsuit a year after the incident, demanding 2m Korean Won (KRW) in damages (£1,340) and claiming it would be difficult for her to recover fully even if she underwent skin grafts for the next 10 years.

The former model also added the aircraft did not have the required emergency supplies to treat her burns adequately and she was forced to use a bag of ice, pain relief tablets and ointment until the flight reached its destination.

Meanwhile, the airline had defended itself by claiming the woman "accidentally knocked over a tray of ramen dishes. We took emergent care as directed by a doctor on the plane".

Last week, Seoul District Court reportedly ruled in favour of Chang and ordered the flight attendant and Asiana Airlines to jointly pay her KRW109.6m.