Three members of the South Australia parliament visited six brothels – but this wasn't some political sex scandal – they were researching the possibility of decriminalising prostitution in their state.

Tung Ngo from the Labor Party, Andrew McLachlan from the Liberals and Tammy Franks of the Greens got on a minibus in their capacity as members of a committee researching prostitution's decriminalisation and visited the brothels in Sydney on Wednesday 5 October.

Sydney is in the state of New South Wales where prostitution has been decriminalised. Ngo tweeted as the trio took their trip, posting pictures from each of the establishments they visited.

Ngo tweeted a picture of the MPs with their bus before setting off, saying it was "not pub crawl but brothel crawl bus". Speaking to ABC News in Australia, Franks said that the trip was "one of the more unique days at work as a politician" adding that the group "got a real insight by talking to those who work in this industry."

The first two stops were "large scale suburban" brothels before a "home-based business specialising in services for people with disability." The educational trip ended at "a BDSM business".

The committee will be reporting back their findings to the parliament in the coming months. Franks said it was time for the state to be "adult" about prostitution: "Sex work has been with us for a very long time. It's not going to go away, so let's all be adult about this and accept that it's here and treat it like any other business."