September 6 is the day for all book lovers to celebrate their love of reading, guilt-free!

Whether you're a fan of audiobooks, e-books or the good, old-fashioned paperbacks, National Read a Book Day encourages you to get lost in your imagination and set aside time to consume a book today.

Here is a list of some critically acclaimed books from various genres to inspire you to start reading:

'The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo' by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This novel tells the story of fictional ageing Hollywood star Evelyn Hugo who calls up unknown reported Monique Grant for an exclusive tell-all memoir about her scandalous past and how she amassed seven husbands over the years.

With gripping accounts of her struggles as a young Latina who grew up in one of the poorer neighbourhoods and how she expertly charmed her way into stardom, this novel provides critical feminist commentary and astounding lqbtq+ representation.

Taylor Reid is said to have been inspired by actress Elizabeth Taylor, who married seven different men, Ava Gardner, who revealed secrets about her past to a British journalist and Rita Hayworth, who had a Spanish background but changed her name and appearance to be more successful in Hollywood.

'Comeback: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Hell and Back' by Claire and Mia Fontaine

Mother and daughter authors pen this autobiographical memoir in parallel first-account stories of overcoming trauma, addiction and horrible childhood secrets.

Mia is an honour student at one of Los Angeles's finest prep schools who suddenly runs away from home and has grown addicted to taking speedballs from men who take advantage of her. Claire is a distraught mother who is forced to show her only daughter tough love and sends her to faraway boot camps on other continents as her last hope of getting her daughter back.

This novel tells an unforgettable story of love and transformation and how enduring love can inspire and heal.

'The Lies of Locke Lamora' by Scott Lynch

If fantasy and immersive storytelling is more your jam, how about following the story of elite con artists, the "Gentleman Bastards" who rob the rich of the city of Camorr, a world based on late medieval Venice?

Young Locke Lamora is the eponymous orphan whose harsh life leads him to be bought by the leader of a child syndicate, destined to be sold as a child slave. However, Locke is able to dodge death and showcase his skills in disguise and misdirection after a gifted con artist takes interest in him.

This novel is made for a mature audience as the violent scenes in the book are incredibly graphic and include torture, murder & execution. The first of the "Gentleman Bastard" sequence series, this high fantasy novel is one you won't be able to put down.

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