With the game now pushed back until September, Rockstar has launched a new set of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V

Featuring images of the game's three main characters, as well as countryside, weather and vehicles, these new screenshots show just how big and broad Grand Theft Auto V will be.

You play as three different characters. Retired crook Michael who's living it up in Beverley Hills; street hood Franklin who spends his days car-jacking in Venice Beach; and Trevor, a conspiracy obsessed gun nut who lives in a trailer out in the desert.

Set in and around a moden day version of Los Angeles (renamed Los Santos in the game) Grand Theft Auto V will let you explore not only the urban cityscape, but also countryside, beaches and seas. As these new screens show, you'll also be able to go parachuting and deep sea diving, as well as taking helicopters and dirt bikes for a spin to check out the city from a new perspective.

Despite a splurge of information in November, 2012, Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar has been relatively quiet about its upcoming game, explaining only that the game needs "a little more polish" before it can be released. This has meant that GTA V has now been pushed back from its original spring release window and will now launch later this year in September.

Anticipated as being one of the biggest games of recent years, we're likely to see a lot more GTA V information leak out over the next few months. IBTimes UK will have all the new details as they appear.