A new Zoom feature will make your conferences more fun as it will allow you to add facial characteristics that will make you either look weird or simply funny.

Zoom has just incorporated more options to its app, which would now allow meeting attendees to add a touch of "fun" to their facial characteristics. The new feature is still in beta phase, but users are already able to use it in the app.

The feature was announced by Zoom in September 2020 but many of the app's users have made the discovery only recently. All users need to do is to start a Zoom session, then click on Video Settings. Under the "Background & Filters," users must look for "Studio Effects (Beta)" which can be found in the lower right-hand corner. For users who have not yet downloaded the package, they would need to download the package first before they may be able to access the effects.

There are thick eyebrows, thin ones, and even colorful ones that can be added during a meeting. There are also options for a moustache, beard, and lip color. Obviously, colors can be changed, so users can be as colorful as they want. Opacity settings can be adjusted as well. This will certainly spice up any boring conference.

The great thing about it is that those who want to establish an identity can set the desired features only for a specific meeting or for all meetings that they would be in. While the latter might be a convenient option, it may not be a good idea if the user will be switching between a meeting with friends and a serious business meeting, with the possibility of forgetting to remove the effects.

Zoom Studio Effects
Zoom Studio Effects Photo: Pixabay

The Verge reported that many of their staffers have already seen the effects in their Zoom apps.

Aside from the Studio Effects that was announced by Zoom last year, it also added more features such as Calendar Integration sync improvement, Enhanced Edit Country interface when scheduling, Enhanced integration with Outlook client, Enhanced scheduling with default settings, Share Device Audio, and a Virtual Background support for Android.