This week, the weekly ritual of "clap for carers" was not appreciated due to the reckless behaviour of people in London. Junior doctor Damir Rafi posted a video on twitter showcasing Londoners ignoring the social distancing guidelines. Instead of dispersing the crowd, police officers were also seen present on the scene adding to the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus.

Rafi shot the video on London's Westminster Bridge close to St Thomas' Hospital. The "clap for carers" event at 8 pm yesterday seemed to fail health care workers instead of offering them moral support. As the lockdown has been extended for three more weeks, citizens of the United Kingdom are expected to maintain the 2-meter social distancing rule.

A large group of people were seen ignoring the rule by gathering on the bridge to make noise. While the police are expected to break up any gathering of more than two people, they were ineffective last night. In the video, a row of police vehicles can be seen with their lights and sirens on. The police officers are also seen standing in close proximity of each other while they clap with the other members of the crowd.

While a few people are seen wearing masks, most people do not have masks on. Small children are also seen in the gathering.

Speaking to The Metro, Rafi stated that people going out and ignoring social distancing is doing more harm than good. He pointed out that social distancing was working in slowing down the rate of COVID-19 cases. However, with the UK under lockdown for longer, people are getting more relaxed about the lockdown rules which Rafi finds worrisome.

Metropolitan Police released a statement that they would be "reminding" their officers about the importance of social distancing as well.

As people get tired of the lockdown the police have to exercise their special powers to enforce the lockdown for public safety. The police have the power to fine lockdown violators. The government has urged people to leave their homes only to get essentials, for medical assistance or to go to work if they are unable to work from home.

Britain lockdown
Britain is expected to extend the stay-at-home order for three more weeks. Photo: AFP / JUSTIN TALLIS