Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that the Government needs to 'fundamentally re-think' its plans to monitor internet use in the UK.

The controversial Draft Communications Bill plans to grant police and intelligence services access to information such as email addresses and mobile phone numbers - although a warrant would be required to read the content of emails and text messages.

Under the plans internet service providers would store for a year all details of internet communication in the UK, including all Briton's web-browsing history and details of messages sent on social media sites.

The Home Office has said this level of digital surveillance is needed to combat terrorism. Conservatives and Liberal Democrats both agree that plans need to be put in place, but disagree over the scope of the bill. A joint committee of MPs and peers set up to examine the draft Communications Data Bill warned of security "overkill", with the deputy prime minister saying he would block the bill and push for plans ensuring "the balance between security and liberty".

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner