Cottesmore St Mary's Catholic Primary School and Bevendean Primary School have given students the option to stay home in an effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Three teachers are under self-isolation after they came in contact with two confirmed coronavirus patients. The decision taken by the two schools follow the shutdown of two health care centres and a care centre in Brighton. A student at University of Sussex is under treatment after she fell ill on campus.

Students of Cottesmore St Mary's Catholic Primary School were informed that two teachers are suspected to have been infected by the virus. After the identity of the Brighton "super-spreader" Steve Walsh was revealed, the two teachers claimed that they came in contact with the patient. 11 confirmed cases have been linked to Walsh. The two teachers think they could have caught the virus from Walsh as well. They have opted to quarantine themselves. The school has also opted to let the children stay home instead of returning to the contaminated building.

One teacher at Bevendean Primary School is also under self-isolation after coming in contact with a virus-infected medic. Walsh reportedly infected two doctors who shared the chalet with him in France. The worried teacher claims that they have been a patient of one of the infected doctors. Bevendean Primary School also decided to give students the option of authorised absence.

Two branches of the County Oak Medical Centre have been shut down after the doctors tested positive. Patcham Nursing Home, which has 24 elderly residents, has stopped allowing visitors. It is believed that one of the elderly residents was visited by an infected doctor last week. While the schools, care home and health care centres remain shut, the pub visited by Walsh remains open.

A student at University of Sussex was rushed to the hospital after she fell ill on campus. A spokesperson told The Sun that the student has returned from an overseas trip. While the student remains in hospital awaiting test results, officials in hazmat suits were seen examining the campus in Falmer, Brighton.

Novel Coronavirus
Map showing some of the different quarantine locations around the world for the new coronavirus Photo: AFP / Sabrina BLANCHARD