US President Barack Obama has lambasted the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare without a scheme to replace it as "irresponsible". Writing in The New England Journal Of Medicine, Obama recognised that his signature Healthcare Bill could still be improved, but said that the GOP's actions would destroy the American healthcare system and leave millions without proper health coverage.

In this editorial, he highlights how much the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – Obamacare's official name – changed the US healthcare system during Obama's eight years as president. The programme allowed many Americans to benefit from health insurance for the first time. Figures from 2016 indicated that 20 million Americans were enrolled on Obamacare.

The president also praised his administration's efforts in implementing reforms that have helped slow down the growth of healthcare costs to a fraction of historical rates and have improved the quality of care.

Although Obama acknowledges that more needs to be done to reduce the prices of insurance premiums, which still remain too expensive for some families, as well as the costs of high-prescription drugs, he says the Republican alternative would be disastrous, as the Party has yet to define the healthcare reform it would to implement.

Repealing with out a comprehensive, well-thought and well-designed replacement plan could harm millions of American people whose lives depend on having a good access to quality and affordable healthcare. The impact could be immediate: in a climate of uncertainty, health insurers are likely to refuse to participate in the marketplace, where Americans shop for coverage, in 2018. Many families could loose their insurance plans if the Obamacare's provisions that help them to pay for coverage are repealed.

Barack Obama
US President Barack Obama wrote an editorial to criticise the Republicans' plan to repeal Obamacare without knowing how to replace it iStock/Reuters