Police have arrested at least 11 people from the "Occupy" protesters so far when they tried to stage a demonstration outside the Bank of England.

At least 300 anti-capitalist protesters were charged with public order offences after they tried to pitch more than 10 tents outside the bank.

The number of people arrested still remains unclear as the supporters of the movement claim the number is higher than the police figures.

The Press Association quoted an Occupy London supporter David Lincoln as saying: "The Bank of England stands right at the intersection of finance and government

In the light of bank governor Mervyn King's recent comments about 'vested interests' standing in the way of reform of the financial sector, it is clear that the balance in the UK is fundamentally skewed."

The demonstration was part of a global day of action in which hundreds of people staged protests in main cities like New York, Moscow, Madrid and Athens.

"Hundreds of people gathering by the Bank of England is a powerful symbol of how things have to change," Lincoln added.

The campaign started on Saturday afternoon outside St Paul's Cathedral and the protesters ended the rally outside the Bank of England.

The protesters were seen holding banners which read "Bank of England is the St Paul's of Money" and "A line of Tents Guards our Future".

The occupy protesters were evicted from the same place outside St Paul in February where they stayed in the tents for several weeks.

The campaigners also accuse the police of constantly shadowing them for using aggressive force against them. "Police have been diving in to where people were standing on mass. They were pushing people and being very aggressive. It's been very violent," said a protestor Matt Varnham, quoted the Guardian.

Although the police gave a deadline of 17:45 for leaving the place, some of the protesters remained thereafter even after late night.

Spanish protest group "Indignados" also joined the Occupy London protestors during the demonstration. The protesters in Spain are also planning to occupy the Puerta del Sol plaza in Madrid for the next three days challenging the government's warning.

The occupy group said they have planned another demonstration at the British Bankers' Association on Tuesday.