A pastor in Texas disregarded health protocols on COVID-19, upholding "faith over fear." Just this month, he lost both of his parents to complications from the virus.

Texas pastor Tod Dunn lost both his parents on Dec. 7. His 84-year-old father and his 79-year-old mother succumbed to coronavirus complications and passed away within hours of each other at the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Forth Worth. Pastor Dunn heads Fort Worth's 2nd Mile Church and both his parents are parishioners at his church. The elderly couple fell ill around Thanksgiving and passed away early this month.

Dunn has openly criticised coronavirus restrictions and tagged them as a plot of "The Left." On social media, he would say that the restrictions are "countermeasures" against America's Christians. However, a Yahoo report revealed that in a recent interview, Dunn stated that he was operating on bad information, pointing to the early days of the pandemic. At the time that Dunn first urged the members of his church to uphold "faith over fear," the threat was seemingly abstract and the number of coronavirus cases was lower in Texas.

In an interview with Dallas News, Dunn said that in spring and summer, he felt like the numbers were different. His pronouncements were based on those numbers. He also said that for seven months, he did not know anybody who had the virus. Just all of a sudden, the numbers surged.

He further explained that he does not believe that there could have been anything that he may have done to help his parents. Both of them followed the guidelines, limited their time outdoors like in groceries, and would wear a mask in church. He also noted that his sermons can be accessed online and he also does not discourage members from wearing a mask.

As of this writing, Texas coronavirus cases already reached more than 1,600,000 with more than 26,000 deaths. Those who have recovered from the virus already exceeded 1,300,000.

Coronavirus vaccines have been distributed in the state and many hospitals across Texas have already started receiving the first bathes of the Pfizer vaccine. Guidelines of the state would say that the initial batches of the vaccine must go to front-line health care workers.

Elderly couple die of coronavirus complications. Photo: Pixabay