The lockdown has limited movement across the globe and it has also wreaked havoc on the ability of many to continue their outdoor exercise routines. To answer the important need to maintain one's physical activities even amid lockdown, Peloton, an exercise bike, has become the new lifestyle trend that even celebs are currently going gaga over it.

What makes Peloton different?

The Peloton exercise bike is an all-in-one package, giving its users great indoor exercise equipment and at the same the much-longed-for feeling of being in a fitness studio. With the screen perfectly positioned in front of them, Users can easily join virtual classes that feature upbeat instructors who would be riding along with them as they sweat it out.

Pelotoners enjoy thousands of classes that are available on the app. You could choose from a range of exercises including strength training, stretching, spinning, and even yoga. The exercises range from five to 90 minutes. One class can help you burn up to a whopping 800 calories. The social factor makes the Peloton a well-loved choice among exercise enthusiasts as they get to join a community. Virtual high-fives can be given, it also encourages interaction among the members of the community. To top it off, members are able to showcase their exercise results through Instagram stories.

Who uses the Peloton?

The efficacy and convenience of this exercise bike are quite evident considering that there is already a waiting line in order for you to get one. Obviously, many well-known celebrities have already gotten their hands on one. Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Hugh Jackman, and even Michelle Obama are just among the few who have enjoyed the benefits of Peloton.

The Evening Standard stated that the latest addition is Rishi Sunak, UK government's finance minister who just revealed that an early morning routine means riding the Peloton and joining other international stars.

While the Peloton comes at a hefty price of £1,750, its certified users, a.k.a. Pelotoners, would surely attest to its efficacy. The best part of this new lifestyle trend is perhaps the fun and social interaction, in addition to a range of exercises that you can choose from that would fit your daily schedule. No wonder why membership went up on a global scale from 1.4 million in 2019 to 3.1 million.

Peloton exercise bike is the new lifestyle trend. Photo: Pixabay