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Emily MacDonagh and Peter Andre at the Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball at Grosvenor House, London, in May 2017 Getty

There is a heated debate going on about parents baring it all in front of their children, and now Peter Andre's wife Emily MacDonagh has shared her views on the topic in a column for OK! magazine.

The mother-of-two admitted that she is comfortable with being naked around her kids. Emily, who is filling in for Dr Hillary Jones on ITV show Lorraine, wrote, "Everyone has different views. I don't parade around in front of my kids, but if they happen to be there and I'm in the shower, I don't cover up in front of them."

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Emily shares two children with Peter Andre – four-year-old daughter Amelia and two-year-old son Theo – and revealed the reason why she prefers not to cover up. "I don't think kids should have a perception of feeling self-conscious about their body. If you show that you're trying to hide your body from them, they'll be wondering why you're doing that.

"Obviously, as they get older, they will become more body aware and learn what's normal in terms of when it's OK to be naked. But I think it's good to teach them when they're younger not to be too self-aware," she continued.

" [Daughter] Millie has seen my caesarean scar and she's asked what it is," she said, and also revealed that she breastfed Theo in front of her daughter.

"I was also very open about breastfeeding in front of her, so hopefully she won't feel self-conscious about what it is."

Her views come after Ben Fogle's wife Marina revealed that she and her husband share a bath with their two children – Ludo, 8, and Lona, 6.

The 38-year-old told Mail Online, "I've never been shy about my body, and Ben and I enjoy piling into the bath with our children. I've never been prudish about them seeing me naked, and they certainly aren't fazed by it."

Marina continued, "However, as Ludo matures emotionally and physically, I have wondered whether I ought to reconsider our blasé attitude to nudity.

"I heave a sigh of relief that my imperfect body – caesarean-scarred and stretch-marked, and with breasts that bear the hallmarks of two well-fed babies – is still serving to give my children a healthy view of what a normal body looks like in a world of Instagram filters."