Want to know how to extend the battery life of your PlayStation VIta? Then we've rounded-up some of the best tips for you to make sure that while gaming on the go, you won't have to worry about reaching that save point before your screen dies.

Sony PlayStation Battery Life

The PlayStation Vita is a stunning piece of hardware. It comes with stunning touch-enabled OLED screen, rear touchpad, dual analog sticks and a quad-core GPU for gaming grunt. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G networks as well as including a built-in camera and Global Positioning System (GPS) which helps in creating location-based experiences. But, and it's a pretty big 'but', The battery life of the PS Vita is terrible, with mobile gamers running out of battery life in three just hours.

Therefore, we've brought together the top tips for adding extra juice to the battery of PlayStation Vita, making sure you can make it to the end of the game without the screen going black.

Battery Tip 1: Lower the screen brightness

If you want to cut down on battery consumption on your PS Vita, then one of the easists ways of doing this is by simply adjusting the brightness of the screen. The adjustment can be made using the following steps: Settings > Sound and Display and lower the brightness of the screen from here. The OLED screen is one of the major drains on your Vita's battery and while reducing brightness will help, you should also be aware that it will limit your ability to use it outdoors.

Battery Tip 2: Turn off 3G/ Wi-Fi

If you don't need to play online or in multiplayer mode, then having the 3G or Wi-Fi modules turned on is pretty pointless. Hence, if both are turned off, players can save a considerable amount of battery life. Moreover, if a player owns 3G model and is at home using Wi-Fi network, then it makes sense to switch off the 3G network to conserve battery life and vice versa when on the move. While turngin these features on and off can be a bit of a pain, the saved battery life is worth the effort.

Battery Tip 3: Close Applications

Multitasking is great but if all you really want to do is concentrate on completing Uncharted 3 and only have a limited amount of battery left, then having extra apps open is pointless. If there are several apps running in the background, it is better to turn them off. Turning off unnecessary apps which are simply running in the background can definitely save battery power but again if you do need to dip in and out of different apps, this can be annoying but again, worth it for the additional battery power.

Battery Tip 4: Turn off Bluetooth

PlayStation Vita integrates Bluetooth connectivity which is automatically set to ON when the user boots the device for the first time and so should be turned off immediately as it consumes battery without even doing anything. Even if the device is not paired with any other device, it still uses battery life as it is constantly searching for other Vita's in the area. The following steps can be taken to turn off Bluetooth:

Settings> Network Settings and turn off the Bluetooth

Battery Tip 5: Put the system to sleep

A simple one, but one many users fail to do. Players can put the Vita to sleep by simply just pressing the power button. It is an easy way to conserve the battery life of PlayStation Vita if you are putting it down to get a cup of tea from the kitchen or taking a phone call while on the move.

Battery Tip 6: Turn off sound

Turning off sound will help in reducing battery life to some extent. It is not a huge draw on the battery life and it will detract from the gaming experience, but if you are really stuck for juice it can help. Users can reduce the sound by pressing and holding the + and - options on volume control simultaneously for a second.