Justin Bieber
Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber is pictured in police custody in Miami Beach, Florida Reuters

Pop star Justin Bieber left his Christmas present, a pet puppy called Karma, with his trainer in February, but failed to collect her.

This is the third pet that the multi-millionaire pop prodigy has discarded. The American bulldog pup was bought on a trip to Canada last Christmas as a present to himself.

The 20-year-old singer's father asked Trevor Dvernichuk to take the dog in for a few weeks training, saying the Canadian pop star would ship her to the US later.

This wasn't the case, said the trainer, who claims that Bieber ignored calls to pick up the American bulldog, which was named by fans.

"This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up," Dvernichuk told the Sun on Sunday.

The dog trainer also accused the Baby singer of not paying for the dog's upkeep. He also added on his Facebook page: "Karma will bit you in your ass, Biebers."

Justin Bieber failed to collect his American bulldog pup from the pet trainer
Justin Bieber failed to collect his American bulldog pup from the pet trainer Instagram: Jeremy Bieber

The singer's reputation with his pet animals has led to accusations of animal cruelty.

In December 2012, he gave away his pet hamster, Pac, to a fan at a Jingle Ball concert, making her promise she would "take care of him" according to the Daily Mail. Unfortunately the hamster died soon after.

In June, Justin's capuchin monkey was seized by German customs officials after the singer brought it on tour to Munich with him, without having the right vaccination and papers. An animal shelter billed Bieber $8,000 to cover vaccinations, accommodation and transport for Mally the monkey.

The shelter also criticised the Canadian for having such a young monkey as a pet, as it shouldn't have been taken away from its mother until it was a year old.

There was also the albino boa constrictor called Johnson. In 2012, Bieber attended the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony accompanied by the snake – and then auctioned the animal later in the year.

Many people, including the person who bought Johnson, criticised Bieber for selling the boa constrictor off.