Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa has apparently taught a novice some moves with the help of a blow-up doll Getty

Pornhub queen Mia Khalifa is giving the Make A Wish foundation a run for its money after turning a fan's dream into a reality.

After a virgin contacted the 22-year-old sex star asking her for some lovemaking tips, she apparently invited him round to her house for a step-by-step guide.

In a video published on her website, the Lebanon-born adult actress can be seen reading his letter in which he states: "I've wanted to tell you something. I've always wanted to lose my virginity and I never thought that would be possible. I really hope that Mia Khalifa can help me achieve this goal."

Keen to take the personal approach, she embraced the task of transforming him into a Casanova with the help of a blow-up doll.

At the end of their class the spectacled student says he feels confident enough to try a "real women" and declares: "So that is how you do it then. That's cool."

Although it is not known if the clip is a PR stunt, it hasn't stopped it going viral and amassing thousands of likes on Facebook.

"*Slow clap* Bravo, good sir. Bravo," one commentator said.

Another wrote: "It's kinda strange how some people need to be educated on how to have sex. It's kind of a natural instinct for all species to just know lol."

Khalifa, who provoked outrage within the Middle East after making her porn debut in October 2014, made headlines back in February after launching a scathing attack against Lady Gaga.

When the pop star turned up at the 2015 Oscars in a voluminous white gown by Paris-based designer Azzedine Alaia and red gloves, the rising adult film star couldn't resist taking a dig.

Khalifa shared a snap of Gaga's red carpet look on Twitter along with the caption: "When the #Oscars are at 8 but your mama said to have the dishes done by 8.30."