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Drake tries to chat up a porn star, Benedict Cumberbatch gets into a race row and Emma Watson is about to live out a childhood dream.

Drake tries to chat up Mia Khalifa

Drake may have legions of female fans but it looks like the rapper still needs to work on his chat up lines!

According to Pornhub queen Mia Khalifa, the hip hop star tried to talk to her on social media but she wasn't having any of it. She's a lady you see.

Mia, who has become a huge celebrity now, was in the middle of an interview with Miami radio station WQAM 560, when she was quizzed about famous names that have contacted since she catapulted to fame.

Well to cut the long story short. She said somebody that rhymes with rake tried to slide into her direct messages and although she found it "flattering" his intentions were clear and she thought it was "just so cringeworthy".

Poor Drake. First Rihanna, then Nicki Minaj, and now Mia.

Benedict Cumberbatch caught up in race row

An its not only Drake that has been left with egg on his face.

Benedict Cumberbatch received a lesson in what not to say when you are a celebrity this week when he called black people "coloured" on US television.

The Sherlock star was debating the lack of black actors on British Television and films when he made the unfortunate slip.

After the comment provoked outrage, the Oscar-nominated star apologised to fans, saying he felt like an idiot.

"I feel the complete fool I am and while I am sorry to have offended people and to learn from my mistakes in such a public manner please be assured I have," he said.

Emma Watson the Belle of the ball

And finally, Emma Watson has announced that she has been cast as Belle in the live-action adaptation of Disney's animated classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast.

The Harry Potter star took to Facebook to reveal the news telling fans that it was a dream come true.

"My six year-old self is on the ceiling - heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons. I can't wait for you to see it," she said.

Beauty and the Beast will be the latest Disney animation to be turned into a live-action film following last year's hit Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie and Cinderella, which will be released on 13 March.