Pornhub queen Mia Khalifa has lashed out at NFL player Duke Williams for sending private messages on Twitter.

According to a screenshot posted by the Lebanese-born adult actress, the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills star contacted Khalifa as early as February, and kept trying to get in touch with her in the following months.

After ignoring several of his messages, Khalifa replied: "I am in Miami. With my boyfriend. Who's d**k game is A1".

"Warning: Trespassers in my DM's will be shot and hung out to dry in public," she captioned the screenshot.

However, Williams defended himself on his official Facebook page, and said the chats were manipulated.

"Shutting this down NOW & FINAL... The full conversation wasn't posted. It was ONLY an invite to a pool party & PG. Other people were invited as well. There's no thirst or trespassing here. Trust that I am very hydrated #realtalk" he wrote.

Khalifa, who created outrage in the Middle East after making her porn debut in October 2014, made headlines back in January after she revealed that rapper Drake once tried hitting on her on Instagram.

During an interview with Miami radio station WQAM 560, Khalifa said a celebrity whose name rhymed with "rake" tried to contact her.

"On Instagram, but, nevertheless, it was flattering, but, um, his intentions were obviously clear," she said. "It was so cringe worthy, the whole thing was cringe worthy."