Prince Harry attended a fundraising dinner for wounded servicemen in London on Thursday (May 30).

He urged people not to forget about the thousands of servicemen and women who have returned from warzones with injuries.

The 28-year-old returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan in January.

"For every life taken which is just shy of 450 guys and women from Afghanistan and Iraq or from Afghanistan itself, about 4,000 are injured," Harry told an audience of 340 at the Walking With The Wounded Crystal Ball.

"It's what we don't hear about, we hear about the guys coming back who have lost their lives but the injuries you never hear about. Arms, legs, will never grow back as well as mental injuries, images of your best friend being blown up next to you -- that's something that will never leave you and that's something that a lot of the guys have to endure every single day and it's also something that a lot of guys don't even know will affect them in five, ten years' time," he said.

Prince Harry is patron of the charity's expedition to the South Pole in November and December this year.

Last year he joined a team of injured soldiers for a successful trek to the North Pole.

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