Supporters of ousted Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi rejected the first public address made by interim president Adli Mansour since he was sworn in on July 4, on Thursday (July 18).

Mansour pledged to restore stability and security to Egypt and fight those driving the nation towards chaos, hours before planned mass protest called by the Muslim Brotherhood to demand the return of Morsi.

Brotherhood supporters rallying outside the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in northeast Cairo who are campaigning to reverse the military overthrow of Egypt's first freely-elected president, said Mansour was not a legitimate representative of the country.

Protesters chanted as they waved the Egyptian flag and held up posters with the image of Morsi.

The rallies set to start on Friday (July 19) aim to show that Morsi's supporters are not ready to accept the new military-backed government. However, a Brotherhood official also said on Thursday that the movement had proposed a framework for talks mediated by the EU.

Still stunned by the July 3 toppling of Morsi, his Muslim Brotherhood, and allies grouped in what it calls the National Alliance for Legitimacy, urged the nationwide rallies on Friday, predicting millions would take to the streets.

"To every free Egyptian man and woman: Come out against the bloody military coup," the alliance said in a statement.

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